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Terrene definition: "earthly" "of earth"

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We Support Freedom, Equality and The Constitution of the United States

Terrene Floors ( Started as Terrene Overlay.  Terrene is a Family Owned and Operated small American business.  Our purpose is to provide options for our fellow humans to "go Earthing" indoors.  Simply put, Earthing is the act of connecting your human body (and animals) to the Natural Healing properties that mother Earth generously provides.

Our family deeply cares for the overall well-being of You.  Robbie is the team member that woke up one morning with the idea for earthing floors.  And his family united to form a determined Team.  Determined to provide the specified exact dissipative/conductive measurement of a perfectly safe Grounded floor.  We are proud to be able to offer these services to you, and are very excited to meet you!


Ground yourself outside every day. If you can't go outside, give us a call 425-201-8282

We will bring outside... inside for you.

Special offers for Yoga Studios & Holistic/Naturopath Offices!